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Standing Frame program

Standing Frame program for members with SCI.

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Service Description

Benefits of Standing: Increased Bone Density The first couple of years after an SCI is when the bones degrade the most and get weaker, resulting in osteoporosis, which can cause fractures. Bearing weight (standing) can make leg bones stronger. Improved Circulation Not being able to move your legs causes bad circulation in them, which can result in blood clots. Standing can help circulate blood and maintain blood pressure, since the heart is pumping better. Respiration Improves When seated, the diaphragm has limited space. Standing gives the diaphragm more space to enlarge and shrink, which allows you to breathe in and out more effectively. This will help strengthen your lungs and allow you to cough to keep from being sick. Standing also helps you control your voice by making it stronger and louder. It Promotes Skin Health Since standing helps with respiration, standing lets more oxygenated blood reach areas that are prone to pressure when in the seated position. Standing is the ultimate pressure relief because it promotes skin health and helps prevent pressure sores. Improved Bowel Function Not being able to control your bowels voluntarily can be frustrating; especially when accidents happen. Standing improves bowel function and could eliminate accidents by activating stomach muscles and allowing gravity to help digestion. Better Bladder Management Urinary incontinence becomes an issue when you can’t control your bladder voluntarily. Standing improves bladder function and could help prevent leakage, UTI’s, and the need for bladder medication. It Prevents Tight Muscles Standing stretches your hamstrings, tendons, muscles, and heel cords. This results in less contractures, muscle spasms, and could help minimize the need for muscle relaxers or medication. Increased Overall Wellbeing Standing increases your mood, gives you more stamina and helps you sleep, allows for eye-to-eye level conversations so you’re not being looked down upon and you don’t have to look up, and adds to your ability to reach things. Higher Quality of Life Standing after an SCI enhances your quality of life by decreasing the risk of secondary complications, achieving the ability to stand, and increasing the level of function while standing. Standing opens the internal cavity, which gives the internal organs more room. No pills, no drugs, no surgery - just doing what your body is supposed to do. Standing helps keep your body in good alignment, healthy, and strong.

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