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CCC Warrior program

Intense activity-based rehab for individuals with SCI/d.

  • 1 h
  • Gym

Service Description

The CCC Warrior program is not for the faint heart or soul. The program requires a deep commitment. This is an intense, dynamic and physically taxing activity-based rehabilitation program for those living with spinal cord injury. Here we create individualized workout regimens that fit each individuals complex and unique needs. All SCI injuries differ from one another and require specific fine-tuning per individual. Once a routine is established for a member, the journey, tasks and expectations have been laid before them. They will then begin their CCC Warrior program. All individuals complete their program at their own pace and will not graduate the program before accomplishing each of their duties. This program can be grueling, exhausting and frustrating for some. However, once you have reached the tier of "CCC Warrior", you have entered the realm of the achieved and it is a very rewarding feeling and process. Once you complete the program, you become one of the "CCC" elite members. You will receive a patch that you can wear proudly. This group of individuals becomes your brotherhood/sisterhood. This group is a lifeline for one another in all aspects of living with a spinal cord injury or a form of paralysis/disability. We encourage anyone living with a SCI/d, to engage with our elite warriors here on the Central Coast and take the challenge that could potentially change or alter your course of life in a very beneficial, successful way!

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