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Chief Executive Officer/President

I was injured in a motorcycle accident in 2009. After suffering a C4 spinal cord injury, I was left paralyzed from the neck down. Over the years since, I have continued to educate myself and others on basic necessities that are necessary to continue living a healthy productive life post SCI. 


I am dedicated and fully committed to the Central Coast of California United Spinal Association. It is here where we will engage the paralysis community with knowledge, resources and awareness of SCI/D and paralysis. I am here to support, organize services to and unite the paralysis community of the Central Coast here in California.

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Director of Peer Mentoring/Counseling


I was born & raised in Santa Maria California. I enjoy assisting individuals with disabilities achieve their goals and independence. I became a C4 quadriplegic in June 2019 due to an automobile accident. Although I’m new to the spinal cord community, I have experiences, knowledge, and support to share!

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Director of Accessibility/Transportation

On Sept 6, 2006, I was riding my motorcycle home from the gym, when a car ran a red light, and collided head on with me, injuring C6-C7 in my back. I also sustained a broken right femur, and lost part of my right thumb in the accident. I was told my paralysis would be permanent. Although the future seemed dim and hopeless, I made it my life’s mission to never give up. 

In November 2012, I was the third person out of four to be implanted with the epidural stimulator. This experiment has had many successes - one of which being the ability to stand up on my own. Since my injury and my implant, I have worked tirelessly to not only educate myself on the expanding research for spinal cord injuries, but have also dedicated my life to being part of research that will be beneficial to others.

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Secretary and Director of Treasury


I have been a caregiver for a loved one who suffered a spinal cord injury over 11 years ago. I have grown compassion for others in similar situations and am passionate about advocating for people who are unfamiliar with paralysis.

I studied at Allan Hancock College where I became a registered dental assistant. It was here that I learned leadership skills, time management and the ability to communicate with others efficiently. After 6 years of working in this field, I realized my passion was in the paralysis community. I worked with Project Walk and helped run a spinal cord injury support group in Los Angeles. I became close with members in our group and learned of their struggles and challenges, they face on a daily basis. My heart is with this community. I will do everything in my power to help those affected by some form of paralysis.

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Chief of Operations/Vice President


Amber is a PMP certified project manager for a leading global technology company. With over seven years of project management experience in a variety of fields to include the financial and entertainment sectors in addition to Information Technology, she is well versed in audit readiness, compliance and record keeping, issues management, financial process support, data tracking and general contract management. In addition to project management, Amber is an award nominated freelance journalist with over one hundred published articles covering a wide range of topics. 


Amber became dedicated to serving the community and making a difference in the lives of both those who’ve suffered a spinal cord injury and their loved ones after her brother was injured in a motorcycle accident.