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"Serving the paralysis communities of the Central Coast."

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"Improving the quality of life of those suffering from SCI and paralysis on the Central Coast with information, resources and community engagement"



The Mission of the United Spinal Association of the Central Coast California is to provide resources, information/education, services, peer mentoring and support to our paralysis communities here on the Central Coast. We are here to empower the paralysis community in achieving superior quality of life.

In addition to our focus on helping individuals with SCI, we will provide support to the families of those injured, and education about the latest research findings to medical centers and existing rehabilitation facilities.

The United Spinal Association Central Coast of California is dedicated to improving the lives of people living with paralysis on the Central Coast.


We want to make a difference, and you can too.

Donations to our association will help us achieve this mission.


Special thanks to our sponsors!

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